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Have you ever wondered if you are a 5 star spouse? According to Tiya Cunningham-Sumter, Certified Life & Relationship Coach and founder of Life Editing, she has five ratings that you can measure your individual performance with:

5 Star = Exceptional Superior and the Ultimate experience

This spouse completely understands the concept of marriage. They are selfless and have committed to making their partner a top priority. The goal is to always provide the highest degree of service. In this relationship, you will find the majority of the key ingredients needed for a successful relationship. The ultimate sacrifices are made and this partner is willing to risk all for the sake of the marriage.

4-Star = Really, Really Good
This partner is aware of all the necessary strengths required for a healthy marriage and is actually putting forth a great deal of effort. Sometimes they may miss a few of the minor ingredients, but the marriage is still great and on track for future marriage success.

3-Star = Average, Mediocre, Nothing Special
Things could be better in this relationship. This spouse is doing the bare minimum to keep the marriage afloat. Unfortunately, we may not find this partner going above and beyond, or making serious sacrifices. This marriage happens to be mediocre at best, which is acceptable to this spouse.

2-Star = Below Average
This spouse is missing the mark. They are repeating the same behaviors although they claim to want a better marriage. They simply cannot get over themselves. This partner is not willing to make internal sacrifices no matter what they stand to lose.

1-Star = The Worst, Poorest
The marriage is definitely not a priority for this spouse. There may be a lot of blame shifting and a lack of love and respect. They have no desire of being a 4 or 5-star spouse. The service/attitude is poor with limited contributions. Unfortunately, if this partner doesn’t change quickly, their behavior will permanently damage this relationship.

As a therapist would you use this rating (tool) in couples counseling, where the individuals rate themselves and explain why they feel they fit that particular rating? Do you think this creative tool would cause more harm than good?  Please give input about the 5 Star rating.

You can read this article on Black and Married with Kids.com.



Tiffany Marshall, LMSW

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