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Advertisers who want to advertise must ensure their ads meet the principles for advertising. Advertising generates revenue that helps support the Association’s ability to provide high-quality information.

Supervision Today is a online behavioral health news source fueled by independent and self-motivated contributors with knowledge and expertise in the area of mental health and professional supervision.  Our core focus is to create content that is meaningful to readers through topics of interest, increased relevancy within the area or supervision and  mental health practice.


With over 10,000 monthly unique visitors and 20,000 page views  Supervision attracts an affluent, well-educated  demographic of behavioral health professionals.



Available ad sizes:

  • 728×90 Leaderboard
  • 300×250 Rectangle
  • 300×600 Rectangle
  • Rich Media capabilities

Mobile site ad sizes

  • 320×50

Creative Specs

All site ads must follow these creative specs:

  • Maximum polite file sizes are 40k .jpg .gif .swf or rich media
  • Maximum animation time is 15 seconds (includes up to 3 loops)
  • Rich media units require user initiated expansion
  • Sound must be user initiated
  • All click-throughs must open in a new browser window
  • Ads cannot be disguised as news or mimic site functionality

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