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Black women leaders share the inside track on leadership, power at annualTraining Institute for Leadership Enrichment’s (TILE).

By Jeannine Etter

While an overwhelming majority of people recognize the need for change, the number of people who take that awareness from an idea or complaint to a personal responsibility can seem few and far between.

These people we call sheroes and heroes. These people we call leaders. And as a general population, we also recognize that healthy, effective leadership is what is needed to solve the problems that we collectively face although as concerned citizens, although we may not always have the means or the tools to do so.

Black Women Organized for Political Action, or BWOPA, is taking a giant leap to fill in the gap, to insure the future of effective leadership within the ranks of Black Women, through its nonprofit educational branch, the Training Institute for Leadership Enrichment’s – TILE – and annual leadership program.

TILE will be holding two separate four-part series – two weekends in April and two in May – at Merritt College and four weekends in June at Holy Names University in Oakland called “Leadership University.” The TILE Leadership University 2013 is designed to provide adult women, as well as aspiring and emerging young leaders, with “the inside knowledge on leadership and power unfolding how to get it, how to keep it and how to leverage it.”

This year, TILE partnered with the G.U.R.L.S. Rock Global Leadership Program to make the Leadership University sessions available for budding leaders from 15-18 years old. The four-part sessions include: Cultural Greats-Lessons From Our Ancestors, The Leadership Tool Box, California Issues and Trends and Ethical Dilemmas of Public Leaders, Lessons from the Front Line, Final Presentations and Awards Reception. Also, upon completion, participants will receive career focus mentoring sessions in areas of business, education, health care, government, public safety/policy, faith and legal sectors to provide recommendations and referrals.

“With focusing on increasing the number of black women in leadership roles, our mission is to create a sustainable pathway to transfer the knowledge from our current leaders to our next generation of leaders. Our vision is to change the landscape and subsequently increase one-by-one the number of women in leadership roles on PTAs, church councils, government boards and commissions, political appointments and elected offices on local and regional school boards, regional transit boards and local city councils,” says BWOPA/TILE Executive Director LaNiece Jones.


April / May Session:
April 13 and 20 AND May 4 and 11

Merritt College, Oakland – 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. – REGISTRATION OPEN

June Session:  June 1, 8, 15 and 22

Holy Names University – Oakland 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. – REGISTRATION BEGINS APRIL 13

Participants are provided daily with morning refreshments, lunch and snacks and a catered reception on the final day and session. Guests will be invited to final day of presentations and reception.

Interested parties are invited to register now for ‘Leadership University’ 2013 at

For more information: Contact LaNiece Jones, BWOPA/TILE Executive Director at or (510) 568-5899. Also visit or


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