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L.E.K. Strategic Hospital Priorities Study: Hospitals Look to Medtech for New Services and Solutions

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Twenty Something Cellar Dweller?

Twenty Something Cellar Dweller?

I am sure you have heard the new terminology for our current group of young adults:  from “failure to launch,” to “30 is the new 20”, etc. The biggest question is:  why is this happening now? What is so different from before? I will go back a bit in the history of therapeutic programs and […]

The Rebirth of U.S. Manufacturing: Myth or Reality?

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It’s a matter of time…

It’s a matter of time…

It’s a matter of time… In my former life as an admissions director, we had accepted Alex into our program for September.  Alex’s parents were concerned that he had no summer plans and had been “experimenting” with alcohol and possibly drugs.  Rather than act they decided to give him the summer to “snap out of […]

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I will Conduct a live 50 minute therapeutic session at your convenience for $25.00

Do you have an issue that you need assistance navigating? Are you in need of a neutral, unbiased party to listen empathically? If so, allow me to provide a one-time therapeutic session at your convenience at a designated location within Tarrant County. I can meet you at any public place (I.e. Starbucks, the Highlands, etc.). […]

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