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How Good Are Your Management Skills? Part 1 by Marcia Zidle

Are you getting the best out of your team? To be a great people manager, you must have an extensive set of skills – from planning and delegation to motivation and communication. Because the skill set is so wide, it’s tempting to continue using the skills you’re already comfortable with. But, for your long-term success, it’s wise […]

How Good Are Your Management Skills? Part 2 by Marcia Zidle

To be a great people manager, you must have an extensive set of skills – from planning and delegation to motivation and communication. for your long-term success, it’s wise to analyze your skills in all areas of management – and then challenge yourself to become better at managing and leading your team. Did You Take […]

Wearing the Same Shirt Doesn’t Make a Winning Team by Marcia Zidle

Teams, teams, teams. Whether you love-em or loathe-em, you’ll have to learn to live, not only with them, but within them. Your success as a leader will depend on it. So What’s Teamwork All About? Here are five strategies for building and nurturing a winning team on the football field and in the workplace. 1. […]

Three Strategies to Connect and Engage Employees by Marcia Zidle

The attitude “I don’t give a rip about my job” happens every single day.  Is it happening in your company?  Did you know that 50% of workers today would rather be someplace else?  And another 20% take out their frustration every day and may be doing more harm than good. What about your people? I have […]

Do Some Rules Need To be Broken? by Marcia Zidle

Stop at the red and go on the green. Wait your turn. Treat others the way you would like to be treated. Certain timeless rules are better obeyed than broken. But are there certain rules that may need to be broken? In today’s constantly changing business world, many of the rules that guided previous generations of […]

Don’t Get Caught By the Peter Principle by Marcia Zidle

A reader asked for leadership advice on this situation.  “A new position, which will be a promotion, has just opened up in my business unit. It sounds very exciting even though I haven’t had much experience in that kind of responsibility. But I have a good track record and colleagues are urging me to go […]

What Makes Teamwork Work? by Marcia Zidle

What Makes Teamwork Work? by Marcia Zidle

Most leaders know it’s important to work with their team to define goals, but the conversation shouldn’t stop there. You also need to agree on the mechanics of how the team will get the work done. Here are four things that must be clear to every team member. 1. Roles and Responsibilities. Every member needs […]

Great Managers Are Great Pioneers by Marcia Zidle

Great leaders and entrepreneurs are not content merely to maintain the status quo. They are driven to see and seek out opportunities to make a big impact. Peter Drucker said, “Results are obtained by exploiting opportunities, not by solving problems. All one can hope to get by solving problems is to restore normalcy.” This is one […]

Conflict: Does It Divide or Bring Together by Marcia Zidle

In a recent program on conflict resolution for the marketing department of a health care company, I asked the following. Can you describe the conflicts that occur most often? What could be possible reasons for these disagreements? How these conflicts are usually resolved? Or they keep coming back? As you would expect, this generated a […]

Decision, Decisions, Decisions by Marcia Zidle

Should I take this offer or wait for a better one? Should we go with the candidate who has the most experience or the one who needs seasoning but has fire in the belly? Do we purchase n a new computer system now or wait until the next fiscal year? Over the years, as an […]

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