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Good Boss! Bad Boss! Which Are You? by Marcia Zidle

Conjure up the term “bad boss” and what comes to mind? Scenes of managers, berating subordinates in public or taking credit for other people’s work or saying one thing and doing another Feel free to continue — I’m sure you have more examples. According to the HBR Blog post Are You Sure You’re Not a Bad […]

Are You A Motivating Boss? by Marcia Zidle

Figuring out what your people want can feel like an intricate puzzle especially when different employees require different things. However, there are basic things that most employees want from their boss. At a recent workshop, I asked people: “What makes a great boss – someone who can lead and motivate you”?  Here’s what they said about […]

Change Management: Getting Everyone On Board the Change Train by Marcia Zidle

As a coach to ambitious, pro-active leaders, I often find they quickly embrace change themselves but don’t know how to bring along their colleagues or staff. So how do you get everyone on board the change train that is gaining speed and heading out of the station? In Seven Truths about Change to Lead and […]

Failures Don’t Have to Be Fatal by Marcia Zidle

I’ve said many times:  I’ve learned more from my failures than from my successes…and I’ve made some whoppers. Goof-ups, missteps, slip-ups and embarrassments are no reason to ring one’s hands and hang one’s head. In fact, our mistakes can be the most powerful teachers we have. The lessons we learn often stick with us for a […]

Do You Need More Time? Then Delegate by Marcia Zidle

“I know I should delegate but: “I can do it faster…He won’t be able to get it done on time…she’s bound to make some mistakes.” These are things I’ve been hearing frequently  from overworked, stressed out managers. I jokingly mentioned, in a recent presentation, if there was  something in the air that’s causing this outbreak of “I […]

Stressed Out and Burnt Out? The Cure: Learn to Say No! by Marcia Zidle

Who hasn’t been guilty of overbooking themselves between their personal and professional lives? But often instead of a feeling of elation for making everything “work,” we feel stressed out and burnt out. Peter Bergman, in his Harvard Business Review blog,  shares seven practices to help you say a strategic “no” in order to create space in […]

Effective Managers Learn to Let Go by Marcia Zidle

Did you know that nearly half of all new leaders fail in the first 18 months? That’s according to the Center for Creative Leadership. Many of them were surprised to discover that what got them there — from working nonstop to sweating the small stuff — isn’t enough to keep them there. The Problem: Nine out of […]

Stop Procrastinating! Start Doing! by Marcia Zidle

Stop Procrastinating! Start Doing! by Marcia Zidle

Most of us procrastinate at least occasionally and some of us do it consistently and problematically. So procrastination may be human but it’s not very rewarding in the long run for our leadership, business or career success.  So why do we procrastinate? According to The Procrastination Equation: How To Stop Putting Things Off and Start Getting Things […]

Jason Garrett: Tony Romo’s ’embraced’ leadership role – NFL News

Jason Garrett: Tony Romo’s ’embraced’ leadership role – NFL News

Tony Romo wasn’t in pads during this week’s mandatory minicamp with the Dallas Cowboys, but he was plenty busy with a second job: The veteran quarterback has taken on a coaching role of sorts. As part of the monster six-year, $ 108 million contract extension Romo signed in March, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones asked his […]

Los Angeles ranks fourth in national clean tech leadership index – Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles ranks fourth in national clean tech leadership index – Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles ranked fourth among U.S. cities leading clean technology growth, according to research firm Clean Edge’s annual index. Based on activity across 22 green-infused indicators, L.A. jumped from seventh place last year, still coming in behind San Francisco, San Jose and Portland, Ore. The report summary highlighted L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s push toward removing […]

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