How Much Does LCSW Supervision Really Cost? | Supervision Today

The rates for social work LCSW supervision has a wide range. Social Work supervision rates may be free to as much as $300.00 per hour for the service depending on where you reside and who supervises you. While most social workers don’t pay $300.00 per hour for LCSW Supervision, most can expect to pay something.

Many employers offer free LCSW Supervision as an incentive or benefit of employment. While this may seem ideal (having a job that offers free supervision) in many cases the free supervision is used to offset lower wages. LCSW Supervisors in these settings often times are not compensated for providing these services on the employer’s behalf. Which often leads to the clinical supervision not being priority.


The best clinical supervision typically comes from LCSW supervisors in private practice that offer supervision as part of their services. These supervisors tend to be more invested in your clinical growth and the demands of your job don’t take priority over your LCSW Supervision. Rates very in these settings. Most supervisors expect to earn comparable rates per hour as their psychotherapy visits. For example: A LCSW Supervisor may charge $150.00 per hour for psychotherapy, so a social worker can expect to pay $100-$150 per hour for individual LCSW Supervision or pay $50.00 per hour for group supervision(3 or more social workers sharing the hour).

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