Opinion: Open Marriage? By Reginald Jordan, LMSW

With all of the controversy surrounding Will and Jada Smith’s marriage I thought it would be appropriate to write on open marriages.  Everyone in a marriage wants one that works and the people surrounding the married couple usually wants the same for them. But, how far will society take it and say as long as it works for them?  How far is too far and where is the cut off line as to where couples should say that is forbidden?


Ok, so if a woman is being beaten by her husband everyday are we to turn and say well if it works for them.  Absolutely not!  We wouldn’t do that. Why? Because there is a general standard applied to those actions and it says that is wrong.  The same should be so for open marriages. Back in the day and still now there was this thing called cheating where people would sneak around on their spouses and when caught it was shameful.  Now husbands and wives are freely giving their spouses away for sexual intercourse with others and daring people to say something.  What makes it even worse is a society of people that tip their hats to it and say whatever makes them happy.

Reginald Jordan, LMSW

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