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‘Housing First’ approach for homeless people doesn’t help obesity

The “Housing First” approach of giving homeless people with mental illness a place to live without any preconditions such as sobriety or enrollment in a psychiatric treatment program has many… Mental Health News From Medical News Today

Go big or stay home: How restaurant brands should approach international growth

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An evolutionary approach reveals new clues toward understanding the roots of schizophrenia

Is mental illness simply the evolutionary toll humans have to pay in return for our unique and superior cognitive abilities when compared to all other species? Mental Health News From Medical News Today

Differing GP approach to sick notes between mental and physical illness

A study which has for the first time investigated in ‘real time’ how GPs approach the negotiation of sick notes, has found doctors taking a differing stance with patients who have mental health… Mental Health News From Medical News Today

New psychotherapeutic approach delivered by lay counselors is effective at reducing depression and posttraumatic stress in Burmese trauma survivors

A newly developed transdiagnostic psychotherapy, called the Common Elements Treatment Approach (CETA), is effective for reducing mental health symptoms among Burmese trauma survivors living in… Mental Health News From Medical News Today

Depression untreated in many cancer patients, new approach could help

New research finds that nearly three quarters of depressed cancer patients do not receive treatment for their depression. A new treatment program for depression could help. Mental Health News From Medical News Today

Broader Approach Urged to Reduce Gun Violence – New York Times

Broader Approach Urged to Reduce Gun ViolenceNew York Times“There's been so much focus on crisis response, on getting to the scene on time and fortifying our schools, and that's not going to take care of the problem,” said Dewey G. Cornell, a clinical psychologist and professor of education at the University …and more » behavioral health […]

A public health approach for mental health – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

A public health approach for mental healthMilwaukee Journal SentinelAnd in Philadelphia, behavioral health providers are deployed to medical hospitals and community vigils to provide education and early intervention for victims of violence and trauma to mitigate development of post-traumatic stress disorder. These are …Mental health course offeredCrossRoadsNewsall 6 news articles » behavioral health education – Google […]

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