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Challenging the Validity of ‘Gaydar’

Challenging the Validity of ‘Gaydar’

In a new study, researchers assert that the notion of using one’s “gaydar” — the purported ability to infer whether people are gay or straight based on their appearance — is an inaccurate and harmful form of stereotyping. “Most people think of stereotyping as inappropriate,” said lead author Dr. William Cox, an assistant scientist in the […]

Mentally challenging work could protect the mind in old age

New research suggests that jobs involving high levels of mental challenge could offer protection against decline in thinking and memory in old age. Mental Health News From Medical News Today

Feeling powerless ‘makes tasks more physically challenging’

Do you ever have days when the simplest task can feel physically challenging? It could be down to your social and personal sense of power. New research suggests that people who feel personally and socially powerless see the world in a different light and perceive tasks to be more physically demanding, compared with individuals who […]

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