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Study demonstrates that consuming a unique carbohydrate complex during early life could provide benefits for brain health that extend into adulthood

Clasado Biosciences Limited, the producers and suppliers of Bimuno® (B-GOS), a unique patented trans-galactooligosaccharide complex, and the Department of Psychiatry, University of Oxford, has… Mental Health News From Medical News Today

Study finds no link between early marijuana use and later health problems

A study has revealed there is no link between teenage marijuana use and the development of physical and mental health problems later in life. Mental Health News From Medical News Today

New survey to distinguish between expectable vs. worrisome early childhood misbehavior

Researchers at Northwestern University are using a novel dimensional method for distinguishing misbehavior that is expectable in early childhood versus that which is cause for clinical concern. Mental Health News From Medical News Today

Sexual Identity Change in Early Adulthood Tied to Depression

New research suggests a change in sexual identity toward same-sex attraction in early adulthood is often associated with symptoms of depression. Using information obtained in a national survey, sociologists from the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) discovered that these young adults reported more symptoms of depression than those whose sexual orientations did not change […]

Loneliness and social isolation linked to early mortality

A new systematic review has revealed that a lack of social relationships could result in an increased risk of premature mortality comparable to obesity. Mental Health News From Medical News Today

Early exposure to antidepressants affects adult anxiety and serotonin transmission, a UCLA study finds

About 15 percent of women in the United States suffer from anxiety disorders and depression during their pregnancies, and many are prescribed antidepressants. Mental Health News From Medical News Today

Early Exposure to Verbal Conflict Can Aid in Coping with Adult Stress

While the holiday season is a time to reconnect with family and friends, it can also be a time of stress. Although the opportunity to be in close contact with family and friends is welcomed, the environment may result in heated debates, or differing opinions on subjects that someone may passionately support. For some, the […]

Youth suicide: More early detection and better coordination are needed

Although progress has been made in recent years, the matter of youth suicide in Quebec still needs to be more effectively addressed. Mental Health News From Medical News Today

‘Eating disorders could start as early as elementary school’

Children between the ages of 8-12 who are difficult eaters could have underlying psychological issues, say researchers who note that eating disorders may surface before puberty. Mental Health News From Medical News Today

Memory complaints could be early indicator of future dementia risk

A recent study has found that people reporting memory complaints were more likely to develop dementia – such as Alzheimer’s disease – several years later. Mental Health News From Medical News Today

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