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Debt purchase in Europe: Easier said than done

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Rejecting Unsuitable Suitors Easier Said Than Done

New research shows that it’s easier to reject an unsuitable romantic partner in a hypothetical situation, but not so easy in a face-to-face encounter. “When actually faced with a potential date, we don’t like to reject a person and make them feel bad, which is not necessarily something that people anticipate when they imagine making […]

Forgiving a Wrong Makes It Easier to Forget Its Details

Forgiving a Wrong Makes It Easier to Forget Its Details

A new study suggests the old adage “forgive and forget” may actually reflect the best method for helping ourselves move on in life after an offense. Specifically, researchers at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland determined the details of a transgression are more susceptible to forgetting when that transgression has been forgiven. The findings […]

False descriptions easier to remember than false denials LSU psychologist discovers

What happens when you tell a lie? Set aside your ethical concerns for a moment – after all, lying is a habit we practice with astonishing dexterity and frequency, whether we realize it or not… Mental Health News From Medical News Today

Easier to Discern (& Ignore) Spouse’s Voice

Easier to Discern (& Ignore) Spouse’s Voice

New psychological research discovers that the brain becomes sensitive to the voice of a spouse, allowing us to discriminate his/her voice from competing voices. Researchers also discovered that during middle age, spouses are able to selectively “tune out” the voice of the spouse to hear unfamiliar voices better. The brain makes changes to sharpen auditory perception […]

Easier access to mental health care goal of Malloy’s plan – Meriden Record-Journal

Easier access to mental health care goal of Malloy's planMeriden Record-JournalScheduled for completion this summer, the claims tool kit is the first in a series of behavioral health projects the Insurance Department and Health Center are undertaking to assist consumers and providers. Work also includes enhancements to education … behavioral health education – Google News

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