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Depression: not a normal part of aging

In line with Mental Health Awareness Week, we look at the risk factors for depression among older adults, as well as the signs of the condition and how it can be treated. Mental Health News From Medical News Today

Are Your Sexual Fantasies Normal?

Having sex with two women is a common fantasy, but fantasizing about “golden showers” or sex with a prostitute is not, according to a new study. Researchers at the Institut universitaire en santé mentale de Montréal and Institut Philippe-Pinel de Montréal, affiliated with the University of Montreal, state their new study scientifically defines sexual deviation […]

Is Sexting Normal?

Provocative new research suggests sexting may be a new “normal” part of adolescent sexual development and is not strictly limited to at-risk teens. Researchers have published their findings on teenage sexting and future sexual activity in the journal Pediatrics. Sexting is sending sexually explicit images over digital media, primarily between cell phones. Researchers at the […]

Football one step on journey to ‘normal’ for special-needs boy – Columbus Dispatch

Football one step on journey to 'normal' for special-needs boyColumbus DispatchRebuffed by the state, the Vetters and other parents sued the Ohio Department of Mental Health and the Department of Job and Family Services in federal court, arguing that the state was violating their rights to obtain Medicaid benefits. … A series … behavioral health […]

Breakthrough discerns normal memory loss from disease

Cornell University researchers have developed a reliable method to distinguish memory declines associated with healthy aging from the more-serious memory disorders years before obvious symptoms emerge. The method also allows research to accurately predict who is more likely to develop cognitive impairment without expensive tests or invasive procedures… Mental Health News From Medical News Today

Are your child’s moods normal? – USA TODAY

Are your child's moods normal?USA TODAYIt's taken years of keen observation and research, plus the support of educators and psychologists to help our kids, ages 9 to 13, cope with mental health issues that also include Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) and depression … behavioral health education – Google News

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