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Identifying youth as ‘at risk’ for mental problems may be less a stigma than the symptoms

Study suggests benefits of early intervention outweigh stigma of at-risk labelingThere is an emergent and promising field of research on schizophrenia prevention, yet little is known about the… Mental Health News From Medical News Today

Do women experience negative emotions differently than men?

Women react differently to negative images compared to men, which may be explained by subtle differences in brain function. Mental Health News From Medical News Today

Routinely screen those older than 70 for brain health, world expert panel advises

Saint Louis University geriatrician and lead author says clinicians seek guidance in caring for older adultsA panel of world experts in aging convened at Saint Louis University recommended that… Mental Health News From Medical News Today

Email Better Than Voicemail for Romance?

Email Better Than Voicemail for Romance?

Given the digital nature of our society, perhaps it is not a surprise that a new study finds email is a better way to communicate romantic messages than leaving voicemail —¬†at least among young adults. The research overturns previous research and conventional wisdom that suggested the opposite, that a voicemail message is a more intimate […]

More than 95% of the global population has at least one health problem, study finds

Only 1 in 20 people worldwide are without health problems, according to new research, with more than 30% of the global population experiencing at least five medical conditions. Mental Health News From Medical News Today

Bullying leads to worse mental health problems than childhood maltreatment

A new study suggests that bullied children experience worse long-term mental health problems than children who are maltreated by adults. Mental Health News From Medical News Today

Debt purchase in Europe: Easier said than done

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Ex-military personnel who serve less than 4 years ‘are at increased risk of suicide’

Personnel who separate from military service after a short period are at increased risk of suicided compared with peers who serve for 4 years or longer. Mental Health News From Medical News Today

Reality Show Bodies More Ideal than Real

MTV’s popular television “docusoaps,” such as “The Real World” and “Laguna Beach,” present a warped view to young viewers about how they should look, according to new findings published in the journal Sex Roles. Such docusoaps are definitely more ideal than real, said Mark Flynn of Coastal Carolina University and Sung-Yeon Park of Bowling Green […]

Men are ‘more narcissistic and entitled than women’

A study examining gender differences across three aspects of narcissism finds that men are, on average, more narcissistic than women – a quality that has unique pros and cons. Mental Health News From Medical News Today

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