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Linda asks…

who cares about whitney houston?

Ive tried to ignore all the crap about her, but its everywhere, even on sports radio. Almost as bad as when the ghost looking pedophile died.Who gives a shit about some crackhead millionaire singer who had plenty of money to seek help. It doesn’t even make national news now when someone is killed overseas, but a pedophile or crackhead singer die an you would have thought the world was ending. Lets worry about the mental health and addictions of our boys who saw horrendous things on our behalf. Im supposed to feel sorry for some bitch that died in her mansion of overdose? What needs to be on the news is the conflict we are getting involved with a Russia-China backed Syria, or Iran. No one cares though. They are too infatuated with what black cock the kardashians are sucking today, or lindsay lohans 10th time in rehab, or a millionaire singer with a prescription pill problem.

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