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What do you think about direct energy weapons use on citizens?

I’m an innocent citizen of the USA, no crime history ever, and my medical records state “shot by air-projectile weapon”. Most my colon had to be surgically removed. I was harmed very badly. I almost died. Targeted Individual. Domestic terrorist groups are using organized group community stalking and remote political control technology to interfere, harass, torture, and harm mental and physical health of many innocent citizens who are targeted individuals. Stealth moving surveillance methods are not easily recognized by the untrained public eye. Difficult for most people to believe the organized stalking and remote weapon is happening in the USA. It is also happening in mostly other NATO countries; but other countries too- example China. For the most part, media black-out on this issue. Theories as to why this is happening is operational, experimental, extermination. Possibly state sponsored. In a rare disclosure, CIA mentioned in May 2007 on CNN (news channel) that it had used a direct energy weapon on an Australian university student to burn the student’s backside and legs. The CIA boss who made the disclosure, John Long, believed this was hilarious bursting in out-of-control loud laughter and asked, “Is this TORTURE?” Law enforcement of all levels (local, state, federal) mostly refuse to acknowledge these and other associated crimes are happening and will not intervene to investigate. Due to sophistication of remote technology and how it is used particularly for mind effects including inducing hallucinations (auditory and visual) and attempted mind control, it leads most to believe the government is involved. Dr. John Hall has written a book entitled, “A New Breed: Satellite Terrorism.” Direct energy weapons are “real”: high-powered microwave, plasma, acoustical, non-ionizing radiation, etc.. Through remote delivery and connection, it is believed that many electronics and associated components can be weaponized: home wiring, meters, computers, electrical wiring of house, etc.. Humans are “electrical beings” with brain waves that respond to radio frequency energy for physical and mental way effects. Health risks such as cancer and heart attack have been noted by scientist. And, with the advent of radar in WW2, it was discovered that repairmen were picking up transmissions of voice in the air experiencing “voice-to-skull” though no noticeable external sound of the transmissions could heard. Police give innuendos that they do not have jurisdiction to investigate targeting claims; but some local law enforcement (Sheriff and police) are seen by the targeted involved with citizens in surveillance operations which the targeted consider stalking. The perpetrators, trained and monitored, seem somehow protected and above the law as long as they operate within certain parameters of plausible deniability. Deep pockets would have to paying the citizen perpetrators who are criminals with money and perks though slander that a targeted person is a some type of criminal suspect or mental health threat could be used to manipulate some law-abiding citizens to participate. Political psychiatry is used on the victims/targeted individuals to say they are seriously mentally ill based on their claims of many people stalking them using stealth moving surveillance and remote weapons to abuse and assault them. Family, friends, neighbors, work associates easily accept that a targeted individual is mentally ill with schizophrenia or delusional personality disorder due to public ignorance about organized stalking groups and remote direct energy weapons. Dr. Nick Begich has talked about the mind effects an physical effects of remote technology. So has Dr. Fred Bell, Grandson of Alexander Graham Bell, American inventor.

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